Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Texas

Insure your boat in Friendswood, TX with our assistance at Roberts Family Insurance. We are an insurance provider in Texas offering coverage for boat owners. You need to understand your boat insurance options to get a policy that will offer you financial protection.

Types of boat insurance coverage

Boat owners have a few options regarding boat insurance types. You should know what coverage types are available to get a policy appropriate for your needs and preferences. Here are a few types of boat insurance coverage that you'll probably want your policy to include:

  • Liability for property damage- If your boating activities damage another party's property, you could be held liable and therefore need property damage coverage.
  • Liability for bodily injury- Boat accidents could lead to bodily injury expenses. Boat insurance can cover this expense.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage- With these types of coverage, you'll be compensated for damages to your own boat or watercraft.

Why you need boat insurance

Boat insurance is needed for quite a few different reasons. The most crucial reason boat owners should have boat insurance coverage is to protect themselves financially.

There are other reasons why boat insurance in Texas may be important. Marinas often require boat insurance. If you rely on a marina to store your boat, it's important to look into the policy of your marina regarding boat insurance.

Lenders also require boat insurance of boat loans. You must insure your boat if you're still paying off a loan you took to buy your boat.

Insure your boat today.

The first step to getting your boat covered is finding boat insurance providers in your area. Consider our coverage features and policy options at Roberts Family Insurance. We're here to assist you in getting a policy quote for boat insurance coverage in Friendswood, TX. Let us meet your boat insurance needs in Texas!