Home Insurance in Texas

If you own a home, you should consider protecting it with a home insurance policy. It covers physical damage to your personal belongings, property, and home. We offer home insurance here at Roberts Family Insurance in Friendswood, TX. Home insurance may also help provide coverage for injuries or accidents on your property or inside your home. Allow us to help you find a customized policy that meets your needs.

Home Insurance Requirements

Home insurance is not mandatory in the state of Texas. However, your lender can require you to purchase it, especially if you still owe money on your home.

Home Insurance Coverage

Here is what you can expect from your home insurance policy:

  • Dwelling: This covers repair or rebuilding expenses if your home becomes damaged. It will also cover repairing damaged structures attached to your home.
  • Other structures: This will cover your repair or rebuilding expenses for any structures on your property that are not permanently attached to your home, such as a guest house, fence, or detached garage if damaged.
  • Personal property: If your furniture, appliances, or electronics become damaged or stolen, this will cover replacing them, depending on your policy limits.
  • Loss of use: If you need to temporarily live elsewhere while your home is being repaired following damage, this will cover your restaurant meals, hotel stays, etc.
  • Personal liability: If you cause injuries to another person, this will cover their medical bills and legal fees.
  • Medical payments to others: This will cover another party’s medical bills if they sustain minor injuries, no matter who is liable.


To obtain a home insurance quote, call us here at Roberts Family Insurance in Friendswood, TX.