Insuring Teen Drivers

Auto Insurance Requirements for Teen Drivers in Texas

Every driver in Texas, including teenagers, is legally obligated to have auto insurance. This is a requisite irrespective of whether an adult accompanies them in the car to aid their navigation in traffic. Roberts Family Insurance, operating in Friendswood, TX, has a considerable client base composed of families with teen drivers and can assist you in choosing the most suitable policy. This ensures your teen is well covered should the Department of Public Services question them. The options for insuring your teen driver in Texas include:

  • Including your teenager on your household auto policy. List your teen— who resides with you and holds a driving license— on your existing policy. While this leads to a higher premium, the insurance cost is indisputably less than the potential costs of driving uninsured.
  • Utilizing Non-owned auto coverage. This form of insurance covers your teenagers when they drive any car without considering the car’s owner. Effectively, this rider protects your teens if they borrow a vehicle.
  • Using Waivers of exclusions and limitations. Some insurance companies avoid covering high-risk drivers, including the safest drivers under 25. Roberts Family Insurance can aid by adding a rider to your policy, or if impossible, guide you to a company willing to insure your teen.

It’s essential to note that full disclosure about all household drivers when buying your auto insurance policy is crucial. Not doing so could make you liable for damages caused by uninsured children, and your teen could face the repercussions of driving uninsured. Roberts Family Insurance offers support in finding the right policy at the most fitting price. Please visit us for coverage consultations.

Natural Disasters and Home Insurance: Ensuring Adequate Coverage

At Roberts Family Insurance, serving Friendswood, TX, and its neighboring areas, we are here to protect your home from natural disasters. Robust insurance coverage is our priority. Understanding how your home insurance shields you against these events is crucial for comprehensive protection.

Assessing Coverage for Natural Disasters

Your home insurance policy typically includes coverage for certain natural disasters like windstorms or lightning strikes. However, coverage for floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes may require separate policies or endorsements. Review your policy to understand the specific coverage and any limitations.

Customizing Coverage for Your Region

Living in an area prone to particular natural disasters necessitates tailored coverage. For instance, if you reside in a flood-prone region, obtaining separate flood insurance might be essential. Evaluate the need for additional coverage based on the prevalent risks in your area.

Reduce Your Risks Through Preparedness

Preventive measures can significantly reduce potential damage. Strengthen your home’s resilience against natural disasters by implementing protective measures such as reinforcing roofing, installing storm shutters, or elevating electrical systems.

Supplementary Flood Insurance

Standard home insurance often excludes coverage for flood-related damages. Considering a separate flood insurance policy can be crucial, especially if your area is susceptible to flooding. Explore and obtain adequate flood coverage to safeguard your home.

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Our team specializes in customizing policies to ensure comprehensive coverage against various natural disasters, securing your home effectively. Natural disasters pose a threat to your home’s safety. Make sure your insurance policy offers sufficient coverage to shield your most valuable asset.

Here at Roberts Family Insurance, serving Friendswood, TX and surrounding areas, we’re committed to assisting you in securing comprehensive protection against unexpected disasters that can occur. Connect with us today to safeguard your home effectively!

Benefits of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive coverage gives you added protection for your car or truck. Although it’s not required, comprehensive car insurance comes in handy because it helps you repair your vehicle if it’s damaged from vandalism, fire, or other hazards. Unlike collision insurance, comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by other vehicles. The agents at Roberts Family Insurance in Friendswood, TX can help you understand all the advantages of investing in this type of auto insurance.

What Comprehensive Insurance Covers

Your actual coverage depends on how your policy is written. However, most comprehensive insurance policies cover the events listed above and other incidents. If your car is stolen or vandalized, for example, this coverage may kick in. Additionally, if you hit a deer or other animal, this type of insurance may help you pay for repairs.

Comprehensive car insurance may also cover vandalism, fire, theft, civil disturbances, and natural disasters such as tornadoes. Our agents work with you to find the policy that will best meet your needs. We would also be happy to review your existing car insurance for potential gaps.

Comprehensive Insurance Benefits You Need to Know

Comprehensive insurance safeguards your vehicle against events beyond your control. That may include anything from theft to extreme weather. It also handles things like broken windshield wipers and break-ins that you cannot control.

If you have a new or newish car, this coverage gives you peace of mind if you travel through a high-crime area. Additionally, your car rental agency or lender may require you to carry comprehensive car insurance as a condition of your lease or financing terms.

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When you want the highest and best level of protection for your vehicle, include comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance policy. Other advantages include financial assistance if your car is totaled and coverage for damage to your vehicle if you cause an accident. Find out more about comprehensive coverage, such as the possibility of including legal liability in your policy.

Make an appointment at Roberts Family Insurance in Friendswood, TX today to learn more about comprehensive insurance and obtain a free quote!

Does my home insurance cover my unattached buildings, such as my garage and shed?

Keeping up your Friendswood, TX homeowners insurance is just as important as any other home security. It’s also important to understand what exactly your policy covers and what your excursions are. At Roberts Family Insurance, we work to make sure our clients have all the information they need to make the best-informed choices for themselves and their families about their home protection.

Coverage B, Or Other Structures Coverage

Coverage for other structures on your property is part of every standard homeowners policy. This coverage protects any unattached structure, such as a detached garage, a gazebo, a storage shed, or even a guest house.

Attached structures are covered under the regular dwelling coverage. For instance, an attached garage or deck will be covered here. This distinction is important because your "other structures" coverage is usually set at 10% of your overall policy limits, so you need to make sure that your detached structures have enough protection,.

Is a Built-In Swimming Pool an "Other Structure?"

This depends on your insurer and should be spelled out in your policy.  Make sure that you understand how your pool is categorized by your insurance company.

You should also make sure that you are following any other rules your insurer may have about your pool. Swimming pools are "attractive nuisances," meaning that they are both potentially dangerous and attractive to children. Your insurer may also have a rule that you keep a fence around your pool.

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Making sure you have the right protection for your Friendswood, TX home can save you from a future disaster. If you have any questions about your homeowners policy or if you would like to add more protection to your other structures, call Roberts Family Insurance today.

Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice

Basic auto insurance is the required amount of insurance the state says you need to have. This is usually liability coverage to protect other people from you and an accident you are responsible for. Which is all well and good but what about your vehicle?  If you live in Friendswood, TX, you can count on the Roberts Family Insurance to provide the auto insurance coverage you need. 

If you have an auto loan, you will need more than just basic auto insurance. You will need to carry collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. The same is true if you have an auto lease. But beyond that, what if you like most people count on your car every day to go about your normal activities, –  what would you do? 

Auto Insurance: Beyond The Basic

Collision coverage

If you have an accident where you are the responsible party, you need to get your vehicle repaired. If you can afford to do that on your own, all is well and good, but most people can’t. If you have collision coverage, it will pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle minus the deductible. It will also cover you if you are a victim of hit-and-run. 

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers a variety of different things that can damage your vehicle. If you run into a large animal like a deer, comprehensive coverage is what is needed. If your vehicle is stolen or vandalized, this is what will cover it.  Comprehensive will also cover hail damage, a branch falling on your vehicle, or anything else falling on it, and it also includes glass coverage after a deductible is met. 

If you need your vehicle, you need more than basic auto coverage. 

Contact our team at Roberts Family Insurance in Friendswood, TX when you are ready to discuss your auto coverage. 

Making sure your home is ready for an emergency

Emergencies happen no matter where you live, but Texas is the most disaster-prone state in the country. Being prepared is a necessity for most people. In Friendswood, TX, our team at Roberts Family Insurance helps by providing home insurance that can offer a level of protection that is necessary. For floods, flood insurance is an additional insurance necessity. 

It is hard to prepare for tornados and flooding which are common in Texas every year. But there are things you can do to prepare for these and any other emergencies that may come up. 

Preparation For Home Emergencies


Place all of your important documents, including your home insurance, in one place. Place them in a fireproof and water-resistant container. Know where it is and be able to grab it if you have to evacuate. This will save a lot of headaches later on if you do it before it happens. 

Floodproof your home

Boilers, utilities, and HVAC equipment are often located at the lowest level of a home. If possible move them off that level or place them on a raised platform to keep them out of the danger of water. 

Create a fire zone around your home

Wildfires are a potential emergency and making sure there is a fire-resistant barrier around your home is important and also having an outdoor water source. 

Find a safe place

If there is a tornado warning get to a safe place. A storm shelter or an interior without windows is best. 

Have supplies

Having a generator can provide the electricity that you need to keep your refrigerator or HVAC system operating. Keep an ample supply of bottled water and food for you and any pets you may have. 

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Safe driving tips for new drivers

Driving is a great way to get around the Friendswood, TX area but it’s important to stay safe on the roads. New drivers often find themselves overwhelmed with all the rules and regulations, so here are some tips from us at Roberts Family Insurance for staying safe as a new driver. 

Safe driving tips for new drivers

First and foremost, always obey the speed limit. It can be tempting to go faster than what’s posted, but that’s a sure way to get into trouble with the law. Stick to the speed limit and avoid risky driving behaviors like tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic. 

Second, make sure you are alert at all times when driving. Avoid distractions like eating or drinking while behind the wheel and never use your phone while driving. Put away any items that could distract you so you can stay focused on the road ahead of you. 

Third, wear your seatbelt at all times. It may seem obvious but wearing your seat belt is one of the most important ways to ensure you’re safe while driving. No matter how short a trip may be, make sure you always buckle up before starting the engine. 

Finally, follow traffic laws and signs at all times. Many new drivers forget laws like stopping completely at stop signs or yield signs, and this can increase your chances of getting into an accident or being ticketed by law enforcement if they witness it happen. Always be mindful of other cars on the road too – try not to cut people off or drive in an unsafe manner that could put yourself or others in danger on the roads. 

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Tips to make your house more energy efficient

Making your Pasadena, TX area home energy efficient not only helps the environment, it also helps you save money on your energy bills.

Here are some tips from us at Roberts Family Insurance on how to make your house more energy efficient:

1. Install energy-efficient light bulbs

Switching to LED or CFL lightbulbs can reduce your electricity bill and help you save money over time.

2. Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use

Even when turned off, these devices still draw power from their outlets. Unplugging them when not in use can prevent unnecessary electricity use.

3. Seal air leaks in your home

Home air leaks can increase your energy bills significantly, so it’s important to properly seal any holes or cracks around windows and doors with caulking or weather stripping.

4. Replace old appliances with Energy Star-rated models

Energy Star-rated appliances are much more efficient than older models, so you can save money and help protect the environment at the same time. 

5. Invest in renewable energy sources

Solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable sources of energy are now becoming more accessible than ever before and offer a great way to reduce your environmental footprint while also saving money on utility costs down the road. 

Keep Your Home Insurance Updated

With a few simple steps, you too can make your house more energy efficient while protecting the environment and saving money in the long run! For more tips on how to make your house more energy efficient, give us a call at Roberts Family Insurance today. We proudly serve the Pasadena, TX area and would be happy to help you. We are also great if you’re looking for a new home insurance policy.