Making sure your home is ready for an emergency

Emergencies happen no matter where you live, but Texas is the most disaster-prone state in the country. Being prepared is a necessity for most people. In Friendswood, TX, our team at Roberts Family Insurance helps by providing home insurance that can offer a level of protection that is necessary. For floods, flood insurance is an additional insurance necessity. 

It is hard to prepare for tornados and flooding which are common in Texas every year. But there are things you can do to prepare for these and any other emergencies that may come up. 

Preparation For Home Emergencies


Place all of your important documents, including your home insurance, in one place. Place them in a fireproof and water-resistant container. Know where it is and be able to grab it if you have to evacuate. This will save a lot of headaches later on if you do it before it happens. 

Floodproof your home

Boilers, utilities, and HVAC equipment are often located at the lowest level of a home. If possible move them off that level or place them on a raised platform to keep them out of the danger of water. 

Create a fire zone around your home

Wildfires are a potential emergency and making sure there is a fire-resistant barrier around your home is important and also having an outdoor water source. 

Find a safe place

If there is a tornado warning get to a safe place. A storm shelter or an interior without windows is best. 

Have supplies

Having a generator can provide the electricity that you need to keep your refrigerator or HVAC system operating. Keep an ample supply of bottled water and food for you and any pets you may have. 

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